The Most Reliable & Quiet CPU Cooler
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AMD Ryzen AM4 Compatible
43.36 cfm, 32 dBA, Ball Bearing Fan, 105 Watts Cooling Capable.
Copper Base, Aluminum Fins, 3x Heat Pipes
Max 50.4 cfm, Max Noise 55 dBA
42.7 cfm, 27 dBA, .32Watt Power Consumption
Dual Push / Pull 92mm Socket 2011 Cooler
Includes 0.27" H20, 63.9 CFM 92mm Fan
Aluminum Heatpipes, Active Xeon 4U Quiet CPU Heatsink
Socket-1150/1155 Cooler, Aluminum and Copper Based, Low Profile for 1U Usage
Copper Base, Aluminum Fin, Max 40.87 cfm
Passive Cooler for 1U/2U Socket-1150 Rackmounts with Back Plate
Passive Cooler for 1U Socket-2011 Rackmounts with Back Plate
2U Passive Wide Heatsink, Socket 2011, E5 Xeon
92mm PWM Fan. Designed for Up to 65W TDP
Supports Up To 95W TDP CPU
Max 28.1cfm, 34.7dBA. 80mm PWM Fan
Copper Base, Includes 2x 120mm PWM Fans
Liquid Cooling with Copper Base, Low Noise Cooling Fans, 70 CFM
Socket 2011/1151 Liquid Cooling Kit
Liquid Cooling with Copper Base, 92mm Radiator, 26 dBA Operation
Compatible with Intel LGA-2011/1151, AMD AM3+/FM1/FM2
37mm Total Thickness, 27.4 dBA Max Noise
37mm Total Thickness, Fits FTZ01B Case