Quiet High Performance Computer Workstations
Quiet High Performance Computer Workstations
Core i9 X299
Water Cooled
Tower 22" Height
Core i7 Z270 / Xeon E5 X99
Water Cooled
Tower 14.7" Height
R7 X370 / i7 E5 X99
Air Cooled
Tower 16.8" Height
Xeon E5 X99
Air Cooled
Tower 19" Height
(2) Xeon E5 C612
Air Cooled
4U 26.5" Depth
Xeon Phi C612
Water Cooled
Tower 18" Height

Fully Customized X299 Skylake-X 4-GPU
Expertly Designed Case for the Most Efficient Cooling
Optimum Fan Layout for Quietest Computing
Supports Up To 10,240 CUDA Cores

Compact Radeon Pro / Quadro Pascal 3D Animation System
Optimized for AutoDesk Maya 2016 & Adobe After Effects
Case Measures: 375 mm (H) x 211 mm (W) x 405mm (D)
14.8" (H) x 8.3" (W) x 15.9" (D)

Quiet & Compact Quadro Pascal 3D Modeling System
Designed for Professionals Using SolidWorks & CATIA
Configurable with 2 GPUs with Operational Noise Below 39dBA

Single CPU Quad GPU Molecular Dynamics Simulator
Featuring High Efficiency Redundant 1400W/1620W PSU
Supports 4x PCI-E 3.0 x16 GPU

Designed For High Performance GPU Cloud Computing
PCoIP Optimized With Up To 44-Core & 1TB DDR4-2666 ECC
Available PCI-E x8 Slots for Hardware RAID or 10GbE NIC

Quiet Xeon Phi X200 Machine Learning Workstation
Supports 2x PCI-E 3.0 x16 + 1x PCI-E 3.0 x4
Supports Up to 384GB ECC LRDIMM
Low Operating Noise: < 31dBA Under 80% Load