Top-Tier High Performance Computing Workstations
Top-Tier High Performance Computing Workstations
Threadripper X399
Water Cooled
Tower 15" Height
Xeon W C422
Air Cooled
Tower 14.7" Height
Xeon W C422
Water Cooled
Tower 16.8" Height
Core i7 / i9 X299
Air Cooled
Tower 19" Height
(2) Xeon Scalable C621
Air Cooled
4U 26.5" Depth
(2) EPYC SoC
Air Cooled
Tower 17.8" Height

Fully Customized Threadripper 2 & Up To 4-GPUs
Expertly Designed Case for the Most Efficient Cooling
Direct Air Flow Design For The Quietest Level Of Cooling
23.4 Liter Small E-ATX Tower Case 38cm H x 17cm W x 36cm D

Compact GeForce RTX 3D Animation System
Optimized for AutoDesk Maya 2016 & Adobe After Effects
Case Measures: 375 mm (H) x 211 mm (W) x 405mm (D)
14.8" (H) x 8.3" (W) x 15.9" (D)

Compact Quadro or Radeon 3D Modeling System
Designed for Professionals Using SolidWorks & CATIA
Configurable with 2 GPUs with Operational Noise Below 39dBA

Single CPU Quad GPU Molecular Dynamics Simulator
Featuring High Efficiency Redundant 1620W PSU
Supports 4x PCI-E 3.0 x16 GPU

Designed For High Performance GPU Cloud Computing
Up To 56-Cores & 2TB DDR4-2666 3DS LR-ECC
Available PCI-E x8 Slots for Hardware RAID or SFP+ NIC

High Performance GPU & I/O Access Configuration
VR Capable Quadro P5000 / P6000 Pascal GPUs
Featuring 95%+ High Efficiency 1280W Redundant PSU