Top-Tier High Performance Computing Workstations
Top-Tier High Performance Computing Workstations
Water Cooled
Tower 15" Height
Core i7 / i9 Z490
Liquid Cooled
Tower 14.7" Height
Xeon-W C621
Air Cooled
Tower 16.8" Height
Xeon-W C422
Air Cooled
Tower 19" Height
Xeon-W C422
Liquid Cooled
Tower 17.3" Height
(2) EPYC SoC
Air Cooled
Tower 17.8" Height

Small Liquid Cooled EPYC 7002 w/4x RTX/Quadro
23.4-Liter ATX Tower Case: 38cm H x 17cm W x 36cm D
Supports 8x Channel DDR4-3200 ECC/R

Small Intel 10th Gen. Core Workstation
Supports Up To 128GB DDR4-2933
Dimensions: 375 mm (H) x 211 mm (W) x 405mm (D)
14.8" (H) x 8.3" (W) x 15.9" (D)

Compact Quadro RTX / Radeon Pro Workstation
Supports 64x PCIe Lanes for Quad GPU
Supports Up To 1.5TB DDR4-2933 LRDIMM

Mission Critical Xeon W-2200 4-RTX/Quadro 4U
Featuring High-Efficiency Redundant 1620W PSU
Supports Up To 512GB DDR4-2933 ECC/R
Convertible to Tower Setup: 19" H x 7" W x 26.5" D

Compact Intel Xeon Deep Learning Workstation
44.2-L ATX Tower: 18.1" H x 8.3" W x 17.9" D
Supports 240mm/280mm Liquid Cooling for Xeon W
Supports Up To 3x RTX/Quadro GPUs

Dual EPYC 7002 Deep Learning
Supports 2x Dual Slot Quadro GPUs
Featuring 95%+ High Efficiency 1280W Redundant PSU