International Shipping USA Built Custom Computers
We Use Reliable & Economic International Shippers to Save Customer's Cost
Our Support Team Resolves All International Customer's Tech-Issues Online
We Have Access To The World's Largest Selection of Advanced IT Components
There Is A Minimum Order Requirement Of $5000 For Components
1. Secure & Cost-Saving Air Shipment for Custom Systems & Components

Having plenty of international air shipment experience, we package all custom computers using the best possible materials that optimizes dimensional weight shipping costs, but still protects against accidental drops. We can provide you the physical weight and dimensional weight for your convenience if you wish to do freight collect from your preferred courier. We can also quote you our shipping charge if you prefer GamePC to handle the shipping and export process.

2. Co-Location Service for International Customers

Some foreign customers prefer to have their new servers stationed close to GamePC for convenience of future services. We are proud to be the world's most experienced Co-Location services provider as well fully-custom server builder. Please check our Get a Quote page for further details.

3. Payment Options (All amounts in US dollars)

We reserve the right not to ship some items (i.e. large cases, large monitors) internationally. For Bank name & Account Number, Please Contact [email protected]

4. Warranty Policy For International Sales

We honor the same warranty policy to our international customers that we offer to our US customers. Customers are responsible for financing shipping to us and we will pay for the return shipping if a system needs to be serviced at our facilities.

5. Online Support

For our International customers, we offer real-time online support via the popular Skype application. This allows us to provide quick and concise service for diagnosing system hardware or software issues.