Fully Custom Built Systems Within 9 Working Days
Fully Custom Built Systems Within 9 Working Days
We Treat All Our Customers In A Traditional And Courteous Way

As 99% of our customer base are repeat corporate customers that require prompt and personal attention,
we will respond professionally via email or call back to answer technical questions. This way, no private information
is passed through the Internet.

We Accept Customer's Orders At Their Most Convenient Way

Customers may order through standard email, forwarding or faxing your corporate standard order forms at your best convenience. For customers only ordering components, there's a minimum order requirement of $5000.

Payment Methods

We accept either bank wire transfer or ACH in advance for confirmed orders from individual and corporate orders. For Bank name & Account Number, Please Contact [email protected]

Before Shipping, We Provide Benchmarks for our Customer's BTO System(s)

We can e-mail you synthetic benchmark results in order to help you assess your system's eventual performance. Our in-house testing software evaluates the full spectrum of hardware performance in order to help us customize your system to perform to your requirements.