Build The Best Custom PCs To Boost Your Business
Build The Best Custom PCs To Boost Your Business
GamePC is the registered brand name created by Solid Electric Inc on 1997. GamePC has been the premier online builder of unique customized business computers. We are located at the heart of technology in the Silicon Valley and, as a result, we have immediate access to the latest technology in hardware.

How Can We Build the World's Most Reliable & Customizable Computers?

We have the most experience out of any other PC builder in constructing fully custom high-performance computing solutions. Our location in the heart of Silicon Valley gives us first access to the latest hardware components. No other custom PC builder has the same experience, knowledge, or access to high end computer components than what we have here at GamePC.

Assembly time includes a 72 hour "burn-in" period where we test the latest software on your system to ensure that there are no compatibility issues.

If there is a delay for any reason, then we will immediately inform you and let you know all of the available options.

We often upgrade our customer's hardware at our own expense if a component is not working as promised.

We Keep Our Customers Informed With the Status of Their System Build:

From start to finish, we thoroughly document our customer's system builds in order to keep them "in the loop" with the status of system's progress.

These updates include external and internal system images, benchmark results, and detailed product shots.

And please view our Systems Gallery and Latest Benchmarks to know more about GamePC!

Who Uses GamePC?
Below is a list of just a few of our corporate customers who utilize GamePC custom built systems in their work space.
Defense / Technology
Game Dev / Animation
Government / University